Bessor Pharma



Bessor Pharma is capitalizing on changing industry dynamics to access and advance promising opportunities from academia that have been generated through $30 billion annual NIH and other grant-funded research. In the current environment, these promising assets are increasingly untapped. We have developed and are successfully executing on a flexible, semi-virtual, project-oriented, and capital-efficient approach that solves key translational, drug development, and financing challenges.

With its efficient, proven, and outstanding network of world class, research, clinical, and drug development experts, Bessor selects and rapidly advances projects to a significant value point – IND ready or predictive proof-of-concept (preclinical or clinical) with the objective of a strategic transaction or sale to pharmaceutical, large biotechnology, or diagnostic companies in 18-30 months. At the same time our approach matches well with the deal dynamics and investment strategy big Pharma is increasingly emphasizing.

The transactions, along with our project-based structure using individual project LLCs, are designed to generate a flow of investor/stakeholder returns from upfront payments, milestones, M&A events, and royalties. Returns in our approach do not rely on a single project or the hope for a single liquidity event but are based on a portfolio of attractive innovative projects, providing “multiple shots on goal,” serial liquidity, and enhanced probabilities for success. Our team, along with complementary outside expertise, provides a fully integrated pharmaceutical development network.

To access innovative projects, we have a set of relationships with major universities such as Yale and pending relationships with other leading institutions.